WABCO Shares Cease Public Trading Ahead of NYSE Delisting

Following the announced completion of WABCO’s acquisition by ZF Friedrichshafen AG on May 29, 2020, all WABCO shares previously listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) have ceased public trading. WABCO is currently in the process of delisting WABCO's common stock on the NYSE.

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Board of Directors

Jacques Esculier

Jacques Esculier

Director since July 2007 and Chairman since May 2009
G. D'Aloia

G. Peter D'Aloia

Director since July 2007
Juergen Gromer

Juergen W. Gromer

Director since July 2007
Thomas Gross

Thomas S. Gross

Director as of March 2016
Henry Keizer

Henry R. Keizer

Director as of July 2015
Jean-Paul Montupet

Jean-Paul L. Montupet

Director since April 2012
D. Nick Reilly

D. Nick Reilly

Director since December 2014
Michael Smith

Michael T. Smith

Director since July 2007